What is Stump Grinding: Cost and Process Explained

A stump grinding machine to remove a tree stump

What is Tree Stump Grinding?

When you have a tree removed from your garden, an unsightly stump often gets left behind. To address this, many homeowners turn to stump grinding or removal to eliminate what remains of the tree and refresh the space.

But what is stump grinding, and what’s the typical price range for stump removal in the UK?

As expert tree surgeons, we’ve put together this guide to explain everything you need to know about stump grinding. If you live in and around the Newbury area and need help with tree stump removal, contact us for a free quote and we’ll be happy to help.

So, let’s jump in.

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of removing the visible portion of a tree stump by mechanically grinding it down below the surface level. It’s an efficient method popularly used to clear away old tree stumps in residential or commercial yards once tree cutting has occurred.

Stump grinding employs a powerful, wheeled machine called a stump grinder that uses a rotating metal disc with hardened steel teeth to chip away and pulverize the wood.

The equipment is manoeuvred around the perimeter of the stump while the rotating cutter wheel gradually grinds down the stump and roots to particles.

The grindings are then removed, leaving a depression filled with wood chips and sawdust. Topsoil and grass can be replaced to blend the area level with the lawn once more.

Stump grinding provides a tidy solution for removing remaining tree stumps without needing to dig them out manually. The technique removes stumps quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively, making it a popular removal method allowing landscapers to restore the yard after tree removal.

Stump Grinding and Removal in Newbury, Berkshire, Reading

Why is Stump Grinding Necessary?

Stump grinding is necessary for various reasons. Firstly, it eliminates trip hazards caused by old stumps. Additionally, it prevents root rot and the infestation of pests.

Stump grinding clears the ground level, making it suitable for new planting or lawn care. Lastly, it removes unsightly tree stumps and prepares the area for excavation or turfing.

How Do Stump Grinders Work?

Stump grinders utilise a high-powered cutting wheel with hardened steel teeth that rotates at high speeds to shred through wood. The cutter wheel assembly is mounted to an articulated arm controlled hydraulically by the operator.

As the grinding wheel spins rapidly, the operator slowly manoeuvres it across the top and perimeter of the tree stump. The teeth on the rotating wheel slice into the wood, demolishing it in place.

The grindings are left as wood chips and sawdust which decompose naturally over time. Stump grinders’ brute mechanical force pulverizes stumps with precision control, allowing removal access even in confined areas between houses or near gardens.

Does the Tree Grow Back after Grinding?

After stump grinding, the tree does not grow back. This process eliminates the tree and ensures its roots are completely removed. Professional arborists grind the stump to an appropriate depth, preventing any regrowth.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost in the UK?

On average, you can expect to pay between £100 to £500 to have a tree stump ground down or extracted from your property, with several factors accounting for pricing variances.

Smaller, more accessible stumps less than 30cm diameter generally start around £100 – £200. Larger stumps over 60cm or in tricky locations usually range from £200 – £500+ to tackle. Other considerations influencing quotes include site access, root spread depth, and additional surface reinstatement needed.

Getting multiple quotes is advised, as prices can differ significantly depending on the company’s equipment capabilities and operating costs.

Additional tree roots discovered once grinding begins could also require supplementary charges. For the fastest and most affordable stump removal, aim to handle soon after felling before extensive regrowth is established.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Here are the key benefits of stump grinding:

  • Quickly removes tree stumps by mechanically grinding them down below ground level
  • More affordable and efficient than extracting tree stumps manually
  • Versatile – Stump grinders can access and eliminate stumps in tight spots or difficult terrain
  • Cleans up the yard by removing visible tree stump and roots from the lawn
  • Makes the area usable again by blending previous stump site smoothly with surrounding landscape
  • Enables planting grass or new trees/shrubs where stump was located
  • Safer alternative to extracting as no large digging holes required
  • Cavity and wood particles left behind decompose naturally over time
  • Can grind multiple stumps in one session for a flat fee in some cases
  • Restores a clean finish to your outdoor space after necessary tree cutting
A tree stump

Can You Grind a Stump Yourself?

While it’s possible to remove a tree stump yourself, it can be risky if you don’t have the proper experience and knowledge. For most residential tree stumps, hiring a professional tree surgeon or arborist is the safest option.

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Stump grinding requires using an industrial machine called a stump grinder, which utilises a rotating cutting wheel with carbide teeth spinning at over 1,000 RPMs to shred and demolish wood.

These machines can grind stumps over 3 feet in diameter and tear through roots under the surface. Learning to operate one takes practice, as improper technique risks damaging the machine or property.

Relying on trained arborists for stump removal is wise, as they have the knowledge to advise the right approach for your specific stump and properly handle the array of machines or tools involved. Their qualifications ensure proper practices for a complete removal.

How Can Our Expert Tree Surgeons Help You?

Stump removal thoroughly clears away tree stumps by extracting the entire stump and root system from the ground. Leaving tree stumps can allow roots to continue growing, potentially causing pipe and pavement damage over time. Stumps also present tripping hazards for household members and guests in the yard.

At Evolution Tree Surgery, we offer tree stump grinding, tree felling and hedge trimming for residential and commercial customers in Newbury and the surrounding areas in Berkshire.

For a free stump grinding quote, call Evolution Tree Surgery in Newbury at 07917 195806 .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Process of Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding involves grinding the stump into sawdust at ground level. The stump grinder grinds the stump, including the tree’s roots, into mulch. Professional arborists use smaller stump grinders for precision and clearance. The process of stump grinding eliminates the need for excavation. Stump grinding effectively removes the entire tree stump, including underground parts.

What is the purpose of stump grinding?

The purpose of stump grinding is to remove the remaining tree stump after tree removal. It prevents new tree growth, eliminates tripping hazards, and makes it easier to plant new trees or utilise the space. Stump grinding costs vary based on stump size, location, and accessibility.

Can You Replant After a Stump is Ground?

Replanting is possible after stump grinding as it creates space for new tree planting and fresh plant life. The cleared area allows for new vegetation, and the ground is ready for new turf. Stump removal paves the way for the surrounding area to thrive.

What is the difference between stump grinding and stump removal?

Stump grinding and stump removal have distinct differences. Stump grinding involves grinding the stump below ground level, while stump removal involves complete elimination of the stump and root system. Stump grinding is quicker and less expensive, leaving wood chips or mulch behind, whereas stump removal creates a hole in the ground. The choice depends on factors like cost, time constraints, and post-work usage of the area.

What do you use to grind a stump?

Stump grinders are used to remove stumps. They have a rotating cutting wheel that grinds away the stump. The size and power of the grinder depend on the stump’s size and hardness. While professionals often handle stump grinding, it can be rented for DIY projects.

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