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Evolution Tree Surgery are experienced in domestic and commercial tree pollarding and offer competitive prices for our services in Newbury, Berkshire, Reading and the surrounding areas.

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Tree Pollarding Services

Tree pollarding involves removing the upper tree branches to encourage new, directional growth and result in controlled, healthy trees. The upper branches are cut back to stubs or “pollard heads,” leaving behind a framework of branches. Tree pollarding slows tree growth and is an essential service for commercial and domestic properties.

This practice is usually carried out on certain tree species, such as willows, conifer trees, poplars, and some types of fruit trees. It’s important to note that pollarding is not suitable for all tree species. Some trees may not respond well to this technique or may be more prone to disease or decay if pollarded.

Therefore, it is recommended to consult with a professional arborist or tree surgeon who can assess the tree’s suitability for pollarding and carry out the pruning process correctly.

Tree Pollarding in Newbury, Berkshire & Reading

Tree Pruning & Pollarding

Why Evolution Tree Surgery?

Evolution Tree Surgery is the leading local choice for tree and shrub pollarding, and all aspects of arboricultural work. If you’re looking for professional and qualified tree pollarding experts in Newbury, Berkshire, Reading and the surrounding areas, get in touch with us today. 

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Benefits of Tree Pollarding

Pollarding serves several purposes. First, it controls the size of the tree, making it suitable for urban environments or limited spaces. By regularly cutting back the branches, the tree can be maintained at a specific height, preventing it from becoming too tall and causing potential hazards.

Second, pollarding can promote the growth of vigorous young shoots, which are often more productive and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, pollarded trees are often more resistant to wind damage because the pruning reduces the overall weight and wind resistance of the tree.

This pruning technique requires regular maintenance to keep the tree in the desired shape and size. If left unpruned, a pollarded tree can gradually revert to its natural growth habit, losing the desired form. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out pollarding on a regular basis, usually every few years, to maintain the desired shape and structure of the tree.

Tree pollarding by Evolution Tree Surgery

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We are dedicated to delivering high-quality tree pollarding and tree care services to our valued customers in Newbury, Berkshire, and its surrounding regions. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the positive feedback we receive from our satisfied clients.

Based on 12 reviews
jason johnston
jason johnston
Brilliant professional service . Ben and his colleague did a fantastic job today reducing my conifer hedges. I will definitely be using them again ! Thanks so much 👍😊
Andrew Challinor
Andrew Challinor
Large very spiky/nasty hedge required to be halved in height and depth . Other companies wouldn’t quote or turn up. Ben quoted a fair price , and delivered! The guys are professional and do what they say. Recommend highly!!!
Laura Verney
Laura Verney
Ben and his team did an amazing job of cutting back some shrubs and removing four trees in our garden - all in about 3 hours! So efficient and left no mess. Would highly recommend!
David Dobson
David Dobson
Ben and his team have done work for me twice now. This week, they did some serious trimming back of various hedges and trees. Very professional. Recommend.
Melanie Bristow
Melanie Bristow
Ben and his team gave our Leylandaii hedge the long overdue hair cut that was much needed. They offered a competitive price, turned up on the agreed time and day (at quite short notice) and tidied and removed all the branches. Highly recommend.
Alice Hepworth
Alice Hepworth
Ben and the team from Evolution took down 3 huge trees for us this week. They worked tirelessly to get the job right, and I felt that we were in safe hands all the way through. Ben visited numerous times in advance to plan the work, and make sure it was achieved safely and correctly. They acted throughout with consumate professionalism, and were also friendly and polite. A pleasure to have on site; they worked tidily, and were prompt and efficient. I would have them back to do any future work, and would heartily recommend their services.
Anthony Rolley
Anthony Rolley
Ben and his team did a very good job cutting down some trees, pruning some large ones and pollarding a sycamore. They were well equipped and, courteous. On site, they grinded down/shredded all the extensive amount of wood they removed and took it away. They did an excellent job in leaving our garden neat and tidy, We had used Ben about three years ago, and would do so again.
Stephen Walker
Stephen Walker
Ben and the team are professional, efficient, punctual, friendly and tidy. A large, established oak tree had to be removed for safety reasons. It was in a difficult location in the garden, but the lads are very safety conscious both of themselves and everything around where they work. After 2 days of hard work, the tree was down, the stump ground down, everything taken away and the area left clean and tidy. Can’t praise them highly enough. Would thoroughly recommend their services.

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Tree Pollarding Newbury, Tree Removal Berkshire & Surrounding Areas

We provide tree pollarding and all aspects of tree care services around Newbury and the surrounding areas of Berkshire including:

Ball Hill, Greenham, Penwood, Thatcham, Donnington, Stockcross, Burghclere, Bucklebury, Basingstoke, Bradfield, Sandleford, Kingsclere, Headley, Reading, Theatle, Tadley, and Highclere. 

If the area you live in is not listed above please contact us to find out if we can come out for a tree pollarding quote. Give our professional team a call or complete our contact form

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